When lightning strikes, there is a possibility for serious damage. There are many videos out there that people have posted of lightning strikes and what happens to the objects they hit. One thing that you can’t observe at the site of a lightning strike is what happens when it strikes near or on the power grid. Since we all are connected to it, this type of strike could travel down the line into your home. The same could happen to cable TV lines or wired phone lines. If you have electronics that are connected to the line carrying this surge, they could be irreparably damaged. Your $1000 TV could turn into useless garbage.

So what can you do to protect yourself? Plug valuable electronics into a surge protector. These work as a shield between your electronics and any power surges coming your way. It is important to remember that they will stop protecting you after a few surges, so check for an indicator light that lets you know that it is functioning. Just because you can still get power from it doesn’t mean it still protects you.

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