The crawlspace in our home is not one most homeowners want to visit. However, the crawlspace in our home should never be neglected. Why you might ask? Well, the problems in the crawlspace can have an effect on the entire home. There are elements in the crawlspace that you just don’t want there.

For example mold in mildew can occur if there is an excess of water and moisture in your crawlspace. This can quickly spread throughout the whole house and put your health at risk.

Damage to the insulation in your home will occur if moisture and water are in the crawlspace. The structure of the house is also jeopardized. And termites and other pests will be attracted to the moisture.

It’s also an easy entrance for mice, rodents, and other pests. Because of the low level of this area, these pests can find their way into the crawlspace. And they can cause damage to different elements of the home. Damage to the wiring, insulation, and plumbing.

Some of the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC problems that you have could be originating in the crawlspace. Getting a crawlspace inspection is critical in order to avoid these potential issues.

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