If you have concrete sidewalks at your home or a concrete driveway, and its been a very wet season. You start to notice that the foundation the concrete was built on starts to crumble, and in turn, the concrete itself starts to drop into the dirt. What can you do to fix it? Well its a relatively simple procedure called mud-jacking.

Mud jacking is basically where you drill small holes down into the concrete, then pump a type of slurry down underneath the concrete. This slurry can be composed of sand, cement, soil, limestone, bentonite clay, water, or other expanding polymers. This slurry forces the concrete to be pushed back up to its original form, and then the holes that were drilled can then be pumped with cement to fill the gaps.

While it is a relatively simple process, it should be done by a professional. If you do try to do it on your own, an inexperienced one could cause further damage to the concrete. The good thing about mud-jacking is that it is quite cheaper to do than to actually replace the entire concrete slab, and its quicker to do so. Mud-jacking typically only takes a few hours, while replacing the slab would take days.

It’s important to remember that this type of procedure should never be done by an inexperienced one, for fear of causing further damage to the slab.

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