Some homeowners do damage to their own homes without even being aware. Naturally, not every homeowner is an expert at how their home works, and while it is encouraged to get familiar with how things work, there is simply too much to know it all. This presents a problem when something might look out of place to the untrained eye when there actually isn’t anything wrong at all.

Take kickout flashing for example. Looking at it, you might think that it’s a piece of flashing that has come loose or got bent somehow. This has caused some homeowners to remove it, but it actually serves a vital purpose in protecting your home from water intrusion. Kickout flashing is there to push water out and away from sensitive areas of your home, but when it is removed, water can get into cracks and crevices and then leak into your home.

If you notice that your kickout flashing is missing, getting it replaced as soon as possible will protect your home.

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