Outdoor wood boilers were introduced for a good reason. Having a fire burning inside of your home comes with risks. Besides the obvious risk for the fire to spread, there is also the risk of carbon monoxide forming and leaking into your home, posing a danger to your life. Using an outdoor wood boiler, you remove that fire from the inside of your home to a shed that is some distance away, which is then connected to your home with a duct or hot water pipes to provide heat in your home.

Does this mean that all your problems are magically solved? Unfortunately not, and this is the reason why these wood boilers aren’t allowed in many areas of the country. Since they usually have a shorter chimney than your home does, this means that the exhaust is much more likely to enter into homes. It could become a problem not just for you, but also for your neighbors. Before considering an outdoor wood boiler, make sure you are well aware of the local legislation.

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