Have you ever considered touchless fixtures in your business? While many despise these devices in the bathrooms, there are many benefits that can’t be ignored.

One major benefit is that of hygiene. No one needs to touch the controls, meaning less spread of bacteria and viruses. Fixtures without controls are also generally easier to clean, meaning less chance that something gets missed.

Another benefit is financial. Usage of water and paper-towels is usually much lower with touchless fixtures than without.

There are some that argue that the added cost of installing, purchasing, maintaining, and repairing these fixtures is quite high, but usually, they will pay for themselves in time.

Another concern is that the complicated plumbing will actually encourage bacteria growth inside of the fixture, but in many cases, this could be due to a lack of cleaning, or an installation that isn’t sealed properly. It might be best to have a plumber install your fixtures for you to make sure it is done right.

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