If your building has more than a certain number of floors, you might have an elevator installed. It could even be that you have one in a building with fairly few flights of stairs, but with a large amount of seniors using it. Since you own the elevator, you are also responsible for its proper operation. There is local legislation, as well as, building codes to make sure that elevators are safe, but since they might see quite a bit of traffic, it is important to keep an eye on your elevator to make sure that it doesn’t develop a problem.

Many times your best inspectors will be the people that use the elevator daily. If your tenants notice something different than usual, you should pay attention to them. Since they ride in the elevator often, they will be more attuned to how it should move and sound. Ignoring them might lead to an elevator that gets stuck, malfunctions or something similar that will end up costing you much more in time and inconvenience than a simple repair would have.

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