Many ways are being created to get cleaner, greater sustainable energy to residential and commercial places, but it the time and money put into providing geothermal energy for your business or home? Well both side’s will be discussed in the article today.

Geothermal energy harvesting is becoming increasingly applicable in areas where it can be applied. How is this energy harvested though? Instead of burning this fuel, which would lead to much more emissions, pipe systems that are drilled into the earths crust naturally collect this heat and use the heat naturally. These ‘loops’ are installed just below the frost line of the earth. Here, an electrically driven compressor and a heat exchanger concentrate the heat and release it inside your home or business at a higher temperature, where duct-work distributes the heat to different rooms. What is also interesting, is that during the summer time, any excess heat in your home or business can be pumped back through the pipes and put back into the earth’s crust naturally.

But what are the costs of installing this system into your business? Well any drilling that is needed can cost greater than $30,000 depending on the area. In a residential home, a home usually has a 3 ton capacity of this stored heat, and 1 ton of capacity usually costs around $2,500 to install. So if you were to have 3 tons installed, it would end up being around $7,500. While it may be more installing it commercially, if your company is looking to ‘green up’, then getting geothermal energy is definitely an option on the table.

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