We’ve probably all watched the news in fascination as a tornado leaves a path of destruction behind. Tornadoes are among the scariest weather phenomena that you could experience, and while they are more common in certain parts of the country, they could strike anywhere.
Do you know how to protect yourself and your family in case one comes your way? Looking at homes that are leveled by a tornado, it might be hard to imagine how someone could survive that, but the chances are much better if we take the needed precautions.
Of course, if your home isn’t well-built, it might be a good idea to seek shelter whenever a storm comes, but you don’t always get enough warning. If your home has a basement, this would be one of the safest places to be, but lacking that, finding shelter underneath a staircase or in an interior bathroom can also work. It is important to get yourself padded using pillows and mattresses to make sure nothing falls on you and injures you.

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